Vivo V3Max

Faster Fingerprint Unlocking: Unlock from dark screen in as fast as 0.5 seconds – the ultra-speedy 360˚ fingerprint touch recognition system identifies your finger from any angle for unlocking.

Faster Charging: Dual fast charging circuits in the V3Max with a high-capacity fast charging battery boost your charging speed. Charge for 5 minutes and enjoy 2 hours of music. There’s also an array of innovative power-saving technology, giving you the peace of mind that comes with a reliable, longer battery life.
Faster Shots The camera can be activated in as fast as 0.7 seconds and its PDAF technology is powerful enough to focus your desired object in just 0.2 seconds. With this you are always ready to capture your fleeting moments in an instant. Focusing0.2S Start-up0.7S Smart Split Want to read text messages while enjoying YouTube videos at the same time? Look no further than Vivo’s Smart Split technology. A single click on the function icon will split your screen in two, giving you some multitasking fun to suit your digital-age lifestyle.
Refined Metallic Body V3Max is marvelously designed with side panels that curve gently to perfectly complement the curvy 2.5D tempered glass front cover. Selfies at Your Command The 8MP front camera includes fun features such as Voice Control, Palm Capture and Fingerprint Control to revolutionize your selfie experience. There are also built-in features in V3Max to help you boost your selfies to an amazing 32MP-effect clarity.

The Vivo Hi-Fi Advantage Vivo’s exclusive AK4375 Hi-Fi chip makes listening to music an art-form. With a tested SNR of 105dB and a distortion rate of -97dB, it offers a smoother, more enjoyable Hi-Fi experience. Ultra-Powerful Speakers With custom-designed Smart Amp technology, plus a home-cinema style amplifier chip, Vivo V3Max offers a phenomenal audio experience – with powerful, crystal-clear audio and a completely immersive feel.
Octa Core 1.8 GHz

 Qualcomm Snapdragon 6524 GB RAM

 32 GB Internal Memory

5.5 inches (Large) Full HD 

 Very sharp13 MP Primary LED Flash 8 MP Front

3000 mAh, Li-ion

Android 5.1, Lollipop

The Philippines is the fast-growing market for smartphones in the region according to IDC, that’s why VIVOcame to join the competition and I guess they will hit it right beginning with the V3 Max. 
To get us started, the VIVO V3 Max has a premium looks and a very decent internal specs. It is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 64-bit Octa-core 1.8GHz and is paired with a4G of RAM and is balanced by a 32G internal storage.
Design and build

Who would not like a metal build with round corners and an ergonomically positioned fingerprint scanner at the back? Even the buttons on the right side provided me optimum comfort during my usage.
On the opposite of the power and volume rocker is the SIM card tray. It uses a hybrid SIM card tray that can use a tandem of nano and micro SIM, or micro SD and micro SIM.
So you are left with the option to use dual-SIM or one SIM with additional storage thru the micro SD support. Both SIMs are 4G/LTE enabled.
On top of the device is the 3.5mm audio port and at the back on the far right is the 13MP camera. At the bottom is the micro USB port which is flanked by the mic and the very powerful loudspeaker.

The speakers of the V3 Max has a loud sound, you don’t need those small BT speakers for your Spotify playbacks or YouTube videos.

V3 Max uses capacitive buttons but has no backlit, which is a little downside specially when you are in dark areas like cinemas.
Display, UI and Software

Vivo V3 Max comes with Android 5.1 Lollipop but has a custom UI called Funtouch UI. If you are familiar with the UI of iPhone, then you can be comfortable with V3 Max.
Instead of the pull-down menu from the top of the screen to reveal quick settings, it is accessed from the bottom by swiping up.

I’ve accidentally opened this menu several times when I am using the SMS app which is annoying at times.
To uninstall apps you just need to long press the icon on the screen and the press the X that appears on the upper left of the icon.
The 1080P display provided me with a really bright and crisp display and I never encountered viewing angle issues.
It is also nice that Vivo V3 Max has very less pre-installed unwanted apps which we call bloatware.
Fingerprint Sensor

You know that inputting your password is kind of annoying that’s why most users just leave their smartphones without a password. But with fingerprint sensor becoming a standard inclusion in today’s Android smartphones, I must say and I encourage everyone to use it as security lock.
Now the fingerprint sensor on the V3 Max is one of the best I must say. I registered both my left and right index finger and unlocking the phone is a swift! Very responsive and easy to configure.

Armed with a Snapdragon 652 64-bit Octa-core 1.8GHz, paired with Adreno 510 and 4GB of RAM, all you get is a smooth general performance from this device.
Antutu benchmarking app gave Vivo V3 Max a high score of 70,767, which is one step higher than the recorded score of LG V10.
Battery life
There is a 3,000mAH non-removable battery onboard the V3 Max. With my usual usage with mobile data turned on the whole day, it gave me more or less nine (9) hours. On WiFI, more than 16 hours is observed.

 VIVO V3 Max priced is justified given the premium build and the smooth performance of the device.


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